I tired of waiting for someone to discover the Ravenloft Chase cards locked in a drawer somewhere so as long as I have the original text I've created my own images.... well...borrowed, actually but you know.

So here I present the Ravenloft Chase set!  If Russ McKnight ever recreates his own page I'll remove these.

The answer lies within us. If we don't pick up the torch TSR dropped and Wizards of the Coast refuses to carry, who will? I got news for you. The torch is still there. The fire still burns. Its there waiting for us to pick up and explore the  unknown possibilities waiting for us in the dark. Therefore I present to you.....



 Chase Card Set

Created by Russell "Berserker!" McKnight and the PA Wrecking Crew

Edited by "Lord Ogre" Mike Huebbe

Black and White Photography, except 'Haunted House' and 'Jander Sunstar', by  Russell G. McKnight. Copyright 2000.    Jander Sunstar photograph by Charles Kohl from the Gen Con 1996 Fan card booth.

Photoshop graphic design by Russell G. McKnight

All copyrights are for their respective owners and reference is used for non-profit.

The original idea behind creating this fan set of cards was that the Ravenloft Booster Set was created at a time before the SPELLFIRE creators decided to make chase cards a part of their marketing program. But, on the next booster, Dragonlance, the decision was made, leaving RAVENLOFT being the only set without a chase card subset. Chase cards in other sets are traditionally photographs. In keeping with this tradition and the feel of the RAVENLOFT campaign setting and novels, I had decided to make these chase cards black and white photographs. Below are the currently completed cards in that set. They are scanned in high resolution to provide a good print. Keep visiting this set often for new cards of Good Fortune brought to you by the Visanti of PA, until the whole set of twenty-five are set upon the known planes.

Two new additions to the game of Spellfire are introduced here, Darklord and Nemesis cards. The two form a check and balance system, if you will, for each other. Darklord champions are like Avatars, only more than one can be in a given pool at the same time, a feat in its own right as you will see. Nemesis champions cancel the game text of the appropriate Darklord. If you know the novels and the backgrounds of the different imprisoned souls of the Realm of Dread, then the pairings shouldn't be a surprise to you. Enjoy these cards of good fortune for your Spellfire conquests, as the Mists draw around you.


 Paladin's beacon   1 of 25

 Closing                the Boarders         2 of 25

 The Dark Embrace                  3 of 25

Exaction                       4 of 25

Knight of the Black Rose, Darklord of Sithicus  5 of 25 Kitiara Uth Matar, Dragon Highlord        6 of 25 Holy Symbol        7 of 25


Necropolis, Domain   of Death        8 of 25 An Eye For An Eye      9 of 25 Azalin's Doomsday Device      10 of 25  Vampire Illithid         11 of 25 The Dark Powers of Ravenloft    12 of 25 The Shadow Rift       13 of 25 Jander Sunstar         14 of 25


The Godbrain, Darklord of Bluet Spur    15 of 25 Athaekeetha              16 of 25 Blood Sucking          17 of 25 Bare Naked, Unarmed Paladin in Ravenloft at Night  18 of 25 Tatyania                  19 of 25 I, Strahd, Darklord of Barovia   20 of 25 Haunted House         21 0f 25


"I Am The Ancient, I Am The Land."         22 0f 25 The                       Burning Peaks  23 of 25 Mordenheimís Monster, Darklord of Lamordia   24 of 25 Ivan Dragonov         25 of 25




Created by The Pennsylvania Wrecking Crew

copyright 1998 Russell G. McKnight,

SPELLFIRE and all related Properties copyright 1998 TSR, Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast.

All rights reserved. Use of properties is for non-profit and in no way is meant to challenge said properties.

1. Paladinís Beacon

Minus five (-5) Magic Item

Your holy sword Attracts the Dark power attention. You may combat

directly an Avatar or a Darklord, in any pool, in phase 3 as a defender. At any

time the attached championís adjusted level reaches 0 or less, she is dis-

carded. Winner receives a spoils.

2. Closing The Borders

Ravenloft Artifact

Can only be attached to a Ravenloft Realm. The Darklords call upon

the land. This realm cannot be involved in combat, regardless of special

powers or attachments.

3. The Dark Embrace

Wizard Spell

Player can search her draw pile for a realm with a Ravenloft logo on it

and put it directly into play. This player cannot play a realm during her next Phase 2. (Def/1)

4. Exaction

Cleric Spell

Castable at anytime, only by clerics. Caster makes a deal with an

outerplanar creature to remove any card but a realm from play. If caster is

used again this turn for any action, she is discarded. If used to remove a

Dungeon from play, The spell and the caster are sent to the Void. Exaction

and Wish cannot be used in the same deck.

5. Knight of The Black Rose, Darklord of Sithicus

Ravenloft Hero (10)

Undead. Darklord. Sithicus must be in your formation to play the

Knight. Can use wizard spells. Can cast a +9 fireball spell (Off) once per battle

he is involved in. Sithicus, while in your formation, cannot be razed or dis-

carded except though combat while the Knight is in play.

6. Kitiara Uth Matar, Dragon Highlord

Dragonlance hero (8)

Nemesis. Undead. Also considered a Ravenloft card. Can use any male

or Dragon champion as an ally in battle. Gains movement powers of one dragon in the same pool. Negates the card text of the Knight of the Black Rose.

7. Holy Symbol

Plus two (+2) magic item

This dim light in Ravenloft reduces opposing undead champions and

allies to level 1. If attached to a Cleric, they also lose their special powers.

Undead using this relic are discarded at the end of the current turn.

8. Necropolis, Domain of Death

Ravenloft Realm

This playerís Ravenloft champions become undead. Non- undead

attackers of this realm lose the last digit of their card number from their

base level. Those champions and allies reduced to adjusted level 0 or less

are discarded, ending combat without spoils.

9. An Eye For An Eye

Thief Skill

Play when an opponent plays a thief skill card. That card also affects

the player of the original card. If one is canceled, both thief skills are can-


10. Azalinís Doomsday Device

Ravenloft Rule Card

Played at the beginning of the playerís turn, this card is not discarded.

It effects all players and remains in effect until discarded or any other rule

card is played.

At the beginning of all playersí turns, the player draws and discards

a card, noting the last digit. If it is a 1, the Device explodes and is sent to the

Void. This causes all of that playerís realms to be razed and their raised realms

to be discarded. The player may discard a champion from pool or hand for each

realm she wishes to prevent the rule card from effecting.

11. Vampire Illithid

Ally (+6)

Underdark. Undead (Vampire). Drains 3 levels from the opposing

champion. If attacking or defending Bluet Spur, and/or allied with

Athaekeetha, Vampire Illithid gains 3 levels.

12. The Dark Powers of Ravenloft

Ravenloft Regent (20)

Avatar. The Shadow Rift must be discarded to play this card. The

Dark Powers can use any card. All playersí non-Ravenloft realms are placed

in position A, from left to right in the order that they are on the table. Ravenloft

realms go to normal positions behind them. The first realm on the left is considered the front.

The Dark Powers instantly defeat Darklords. Limit one avatar per pool.

13. The Shadow Rift

Ravenloft Realm

The Shadow Rift and any Ravenloft realms in any formation without

powers can only be attacked by Ravenloft Champions.

14. Jander Sunstar

Ravenloft Hero (8)

Undead. Elf. Flyer. Nemesis. Undead cannot oppose this hero in

combat ( Except Strahd, Young Strahd, and I, Strahd). Can cast wizard

spells. Can be discarded from pool to cancel the effects of any one spell

or psionic power. All darklords in play lose their powers.

15. The Godbrain, Darklord of Bluet Spur

Ravenloft Psionist (9)

Underdark. Darklord. Bluet Spur must be in your formation to play this

card. Can project a +9 mindblast (Off) before battle to cause one of opponetís

attached cards not to function this combat round. Bluet Spur cannot be

razed or discarded except through combat, while the Godbrain is in play.

16. Athaekeetha

Ravenloft Monster (7)

Underdark. Undead (Vampire). Nemesis. Can use psionic power cards.

Drains 2 levels from each champion or ally played against him. Can keep one Vampire illithid with him in the pool. While in play, Athaekeetha cancels the powers of the Godbrain.

17. Blood Sucking

Unarmed Combat card (+8)

Useable only by undead (vampire) champions and allies. If the opposing champion loses, the champion goes to Limbo until the beginning of the winnerís next turn. That champion comes under control of the winning player, adding Undead (Vampire) to their powers.

18. Bare Naked, Unarmed Paladin in Ravenloft at Night.

Ravenloft Hero (4)

{ No card text} ( Side note: This card is a nostalgia card for the days,

when no power cards were commonplace and used often.-RM.)

19. Tatyania

Ravenloft Hero (1)

Nemesis. Sergei Von Zarovich can be pulled from any pool and used

as an ally to Tatyania in battle. Automatically defeats Strahd in all his

forms ( I, Strahd, Young, etc.). Immune to the powers of Young Strahd.

Cancels the powers of I, Strahd.

20. I, Strahd, Darklord of Barovia

Ravenloft Wizard (12)

Undead (vampire). Flyer. Darklord. Barovia must be in your formation to play I, Strahd. The Dark Powers grant him the ability to redirect,

once per turn, any card that effects his (this playerís) Ravenloft cards. If defeated, turns to mist and cannot be used until this playerís next turn. Barovia cannot be razed or discarded except through combat, while I, Strahd is in play.

21. Haunted House

Ravenloft Holding

Player can use undead champions and allies in discard pile as allies in combat, when the attached realm is attacked. You must say boo! when doing this. Choice need not be immediate. Send one card used this way (your choice) to the abyss, discard the rest.

22. " I Am The Ancient, I Am The Land."

Blood Ability

Can also be used by any Darklord. Can be used at anytime to rebuild a

realm. Can be played to prevent the razing or discarding of a Ravenloft realm.

Winner does not receive spoils.

23. The Burning Peaks

Ravenloft Realm

Can only be attacked by Earthwalkers. Vecna and Kas are both con-

sider Ravenloft cards, Darklords, and each otherís nemesis. Offensive

spells cannot be played while the Burning Peaks are in play.

24. Mordenheimís Monster, Darklord of Lamordia

Ravenloft Monster (9)

Darklord. Lamordia must be in your formation to play the monster. He is immune to offensive spells and magic items. Can use hero unarmed combat cards. Him and his allies can "jump" over an unrazed tier in an opponentís formation when attacking. Lamordia cannot be razed or discarded except through combat when The Monster is in play.

25. Ivan Dragonov

Ravenloft Hero (9)

Werebeast. Nemesis. When defending, if Ivan loses a round of combat, the winning champion takes his place in the next round of combat. Ivan returns to this playerís pool at the end of  her next turn. Allies must be +3 or greater to be used against him. Mordenheimís Monster loses his powers while Ivan is in play.